Hey Friend!

Thanks for visiting my website. I know you'll find something you love! In the meantime, let me tell you a little bit about myself. 

Fashion has always been my thing. Fashion, makeup, anything "girly" and I am all over it. As women, we get the occasional, "That outfit is really nice!" or "Wow! Where did you get that nice dress?" I began to realize that women appreciate fashion, but sometimes we just don't know where to shop or how to go about finding those signature pieces. 

As a busy mom-on-the-go, I know the struggle of just not having the time to search for quality pieces to add to my wardrobe. However, even with a lack of time, I still had a deep desire to be fashion-forward, stylish and quite honestly sexy. Getting older doesn't mean you have to lose yourself. As a result, I prayed fervently and asked God to show me how to accomplish the dream he planted in my heart, which was to help other busy women like my self to find clothing items that would contribute to their confidence and make them feel good about themselves, then, voila! Flawless by Tish beauty Boutique was born. I'm just a girl who loves fashion and I want to share it with the world. I spend countless hours finding amazing wardrobe additions so that you don't have to. 

Happy Shopping,

-XOXO Tish J